Special Event 2003 Planning

Special Event 2003 Planning

The RCKARA group has been approached by the Kansas State Fair to setup a commemorative special event station for September 11th.

The details are yet to be worked out, but we will have the station running basically all day on Thursday 11 September on or around 14.250MHz, 21.350MHz, and 28.400MHz. We have secured the special event callsign W0C for the duration of the event. QSL cards will be distributed to stations working our station by sending an SASE to:



      1710 N. Adams


    Hutchinson, KS 67502

All radio amateurs are invited to participate, but we ask that you please sign up to work a specific 30-minute period so that everyone can have their chance to operate. Please email me if you are interested in helping out. Please bring a copy of your license if you plan on operating the club station.

Operating Schedule


Time RCKARA Member Onsite Operator
10:00am Zack, W0ZC
10:30am Zack, W0ZC
11:00am Dean Pitchford, KB0KVV
11:30am Dean Pitchford, KB0KVV
12:00pm Allen Heck, KC0CFL
12:30pm Allen Heck, KC0CFL
1:00pm Zack, W0ZC
4:00pm Patrick Kidd, N0ZGZ
4:30pm Patrick Kidd, N0ZGZ

George, W5TOQ is available throughout the day.
Tom, W0UY is available throughout the day.
Dwayne and Vivian, KB0FJI/N0LQE are available throughout the day
Jon, AJ0NR is available throughout the day
Zack, W0ZC is available throughout the day


Equipment Check List

Below is a listing of equipment that each person is assigned to bring. Please review this list and make sure you bring everything you are responsible for.



Item Responsible Party
HF Rig w/PS, Tuner Cleyon, AD6P
Mic Cleyon, AD6P
Mic Stand Cleyon, AD6P
Footswitch Cleyon, AD6P
Antenna Analyzer Cleyon, AD6P
FT-840 Jon, AJ0NR
Power Supply PSK/2M station Jon, AJ0NR
Triband Vertical Jon, AJ0NR
100′ RG-213 Jon, AJ0NR
40m HamStick Dipole Jon, AJ0NR
100′ RG-8x Jon, AJ0NR
Tower Jon, AJ0NR
10 folding chairs Jon, AJ0NR
6 3×8′ tables Jon, AJ0NR
Tool box, coax jumpers, adapters, etc. Jon, AJ0NR
Laptop for video Tom, W0UY
Speakers for video Tom, W0UY
Vests Tom, W0UY
Video to play on laptop Tom, W0UY
QSL Cards in holder Tom, W0UY
LCD monitor for Tom’s video Tom, W0UY
TV/VCR combo for balloon videos Zack, W0ZC
Balloon videos Zack, W0ZC
Brochures Zack, W0ZC
ARRL Message Pad Zack, W0ZC
2m rig with TNC Zack, W0ZC
Laptop for APRS/PSK Zack, W0ZC
Serial cables for TNC Zack, W0ZC
RigBlaster Zack, W0ZC
External Speaker for RibBlaster Zack, W0ZC
TS-430S for PSK Zack, W0ZC
Tuner w/ patch cable Zack, W0ZC
Club laptop w/ logging software Zack, W0ZC
Posters Zack, W0ZC
Push-pins for US map Zack, W0ZC
Easils (3) Zack, W0ZC
Balloon Payload Zack, W0ZC
Balloon Pictures Zack, W0ZC
Scratch Paper and pens for school kids Zack, W0ZC
Tool box, coax jumpers, adapters, etc. Zack, W0ZC
Power Strips Zack, W0ZC
Extension Cords Zack, W0ZC
Clipboard, scratch paper, pens Dwayne, KB0FJI
Power Strips Dwayne, KB0FJI
Extension Cords Dwayne, KB0FJI


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