Club and Amateur Radio Information


About Amateur Radio:

Amateur (ham) radio is both a hobby and a community service, providing people of all ages and backgrounds a fun way to communicate with others around the world (and in outer space – on the International Space Station), practice and expand their technical and emergency preparedness skills, keep in touch with old friends, and make new ones.

Whether your interest lies in experimenting with the latest radio communication technologies, helping others in times of disaster or emergencies, participating in contests to see how many people around the globe you can contact, or “home-brewing” your own radio equipment from scratch, ham radio provides a lifetime of fun, learning, and social connections.

The Reno County Kansas Amateur Radio Association (RCKARA) brings local hams and their families together to carry on the long tradition of electronic experimentation, friendship, and service to our community.  RCKARA also maintains a local repeater – a device that retransmits certain radio signals for greater coverage – which is used to keep in touch with local friends, provide volunteer communications support for events such as Band Days during the Kansas State Fair, walk-a-thons and other community service events, and to provide communications during severe weather events and other emergencies.

Learn more about Ham Radio and how you can get started at  More information about our local radio club is available here – we meet in person on the second Tuesday of each month and our weekly on-the-air net is held every Tuesday except for the meeting night.

For a list of all RCKARA activities, and other events of interest to local hams, please visit the calendar section of this site.